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NOTE: Please use a desktop computer to complete a Vendor Application as we have found that older cell phones and tablets may not be compatible with our Vendor Application Software. If you have are having issues please contact tostreetfair@festivalsetup.com

Retail or Non Retail - Center Booth: $190.00 — Zones: A, B, C, D
Retail or Non Retail - Corner Booth: $210.00 — Zones: A, B, C, D
Retail or Non Retail - Large or Part of Franchise or Chain - Center Booth: $265.00 — Zones: A, B, C, D
Retail or Non Retail - Large or Part of Franchise or Chain - Corner Booth: $290.00 — Zones: A, B, C, D
Non Profit or Political - Note A: $100.00 — Zones: SWW, SWE
Non Profit or Political - Note B: $185.00 — Zones: SWW, SWE
Food Trucks & Prepared Onsite Food: $290.00
Food - Prepackaged Food - Center Booth: $190.00 — Zones: A, B, C, D
Food - Prepackaged Food - Corner Booth: $210.00 — Zones: A, B, C, D

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  • Red: Taken
  • Yellow: Pending
  • White: Available
  • Green: Current Selection
  • Orange: Search Results
  • Grey: Unavailable


To view and select available booth spaces, please click on the + to zoom. Click on the booth spaces that you are interested in and your choices will be shown below.

Nonprofit or Political Vendors - NOTE A: May collect donations, membership fees, sell raffle or event tickets, and offer "one" article for sale. NOTE B: Higher fee if offer more than "one" article for sale.

Food Trucks and Prepared Onside Food Vendors can register and pay for a booth space in the Street Fair. The Street Fair Food Co-Ordinator will place vendors in selected locations just prior to the day of the Street Fair.

Please select a vendor type to view available booth options.

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As an added benefit to our vendors, we created a micro marketing page to help promote your goods and/or services. Simply upload a logo, profile photo & product photos. Once approved, you will receive a link to review/edit your marketing page. You can also access via the Vendor Portal.

(Must be JPG, PNG or GIF, Max size: 25MB)
(Must be JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF, Max size: 25MB)
(Must be JPG, PNG, or GIF, Max size: 25MB)


The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks does NOT provide liability or property insurance coverage for vendors. Claims resulting from actions by a vendor or incidents related to a vendor's booth are the liability of that vendor.

Terms and Conditions

  • IMPORTANT- SELLER PERMIT REQUIRED IF SELLING ITEMS (If not selling, no permit needed): The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) requires that prior to being assigned a vendor space, vendors who sell tangible items/personal property subject to sales tax at events throughout California must obtain a seller's permit and pay sales tax on items sold. The permit is FREE and can be instantaneously received from the BOE web site. Failure to comply is punishable by fine and/or imprisonment. The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks is required to obtain evidence of a permit from you which you fill in within the Street Fair application form. The Rotary Club is required to provide the BOE this evidence within 30 days of a BOE request. You can register for a "Temporary Seller's Permit" at https://www.boe.ca.gov/. Refer to the Example on the Street Fair website for helpful instructions on how to complete the BOE permit application. You may also visit a BOE office or call 800-400-7115 to register. Sellers are required by law to post the permit in their booths. There are permit exemptions for certain "sellers". The exemption, if you qualify, must be noted on the Street Fair application form. For information go to https://www.boe.ca.gov/info/temporary_sellers.htm
  • OFFICIAL HOTEL HOST SPONSOR: Call (805) 497-3701 for special event rates or use this link: Best Western PlusThousand Oaks Inn
  • FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED. Vendors will be placed on a "First-Come, First- Served" basis. All final decisions on placement will be made by Rotary Street Fair Committee. Consideration will be given to returning vendors who submit their applications early with a check and meet insurance requirements. You are encouraged NOT to bring motor homes, large trucks or trailers. However, if you do be prepared to unload at a distance and cart your materials to the event. Only one vehicle is allowed to unload at a booth space at a time.
  • BRING YOUR OWN ITEMS: You must provide your own canopy, tables, chairs, shades, water, and electricity. Certain sponsorship levels may include these items. Generators are only allowed in certain spaces.
  • FOOD: Other than factory wrapped candies, no items ingested by mouth (bottled water or supplements included) may be offered without the following. For "Prepackaged" foods, submit Form D and either TFF-1 or TFF-2 with your booth fee. For "open or prepackaged to be opened for sampling" foods, submit Form D and TFF-1 with your booth fee. Vendors with an Annual TFF or Mobile MFF, use those instead of TFF-1 or TFF-2.
  • ANIMALS: Animals in a booth require a Los Angeles Animal Control Inspection. Permit is NOT provided by Rotary.
  • STAY IN YOUR BOOTH SPACE: Do not stray onto the street to sell items or hand out literature.
  • BOOTH FIT: Booths MUST fit within their assigned space and heights are limited to 8 feet. We provide a 10'x10' space on the street. We do not provide tables, chairs or canopies.
  • UNOBSTRUCTED OPEN SPACES: Empty spaces are located throughout the event for emergency/fire escape and may be used by corner booth vendors for viewing only, but no items may be placed in these spaces.
  • VEHICLES: Vendors must park their vehicle where stated in the final instructions you will receive shortly before the event. Vendors will be allowed to drive into the fair area usually beginning at 7:00 or 7:30 am, unload and then park in the designated parking area before setting up your booth. Street access will close at 8:30 am. The safety of the other vendors, staff and attendees needs to be observed at all times.
  • ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: Arrival, staging, and set up times will be provide by your Vendor Section Coordinator. Disassembly must start immediately at 4:00 pm, loading completed 5:45 pm, and the street cleared by 6:00 pm, or risk traffic violation by Thousand Oaks Police Department.
  • MORE SPACE: Contact yours section coordinator if you need an odd-sized space or to rent more space.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT: The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks is committed to maintaining a family friendly environment at all of its events. Therefore, possession, sale, or use of alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, or weapons of any kind are inappropriate for this Family Friendly event and are prohibited (California Penal Code Section 417). The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks reserves the right to eject vendors who do not comply with event rules or use loud or vulgar music or language in promoting their booths.
  • BREACH OF RULES: If any vendor is found to be in breach any of the above rules, the vendor may be required to leave the Street Fair immediately, forfeit the booth space fee, and be barred from future registration.
  • FORCED CANCELLATION: The event will go on as planned unless there are heavy rains, high winds, or other circumstances requiring postponement or cancellation. Vendors should be prepared for showers and light wind. If cancellation or postponement is necessary, notification will be made on our web site: Thousand Oaks Rotary Street Fair. There will be no refunds. However, paid registration will apply toward the rescheduled day or carry over to next year's fair.
  • REFUNDS: You may request a full refund of your booth fee anytime until four (4) weeks prior to the event. This request must be by e-mail or in writing.


Please mail your check within the next 10 days to finalize your booth space, otherwise your application becomes "void" and your booth selection will be open to any vendor wanting to purchase the space. Check payable to the "Thousand Oaks Rotary Club" and mailed to:

Thousand Oaks Rotary Club
Street Fair
PO Box 1225
Thousand Oaks, CA 91358

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